Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership Foundation: Laying the Groundwork for a Stronger Future.

Every successful building project requires a strong foundation. And when it comes to building the future of Shelbyville-Bedford County, the SBP Foundation brings strength, vision and critical support and services to help this area flourish in every way.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the SBP Foundation identifies and undertakes sustainable projects that enrich the lives and future of Shelbyville residents. Operating under a collaborative public-private leadership the Foundation focuses on efforts that are broad based in scope and strategically targeted in specifics. Currently, those services are organized around three basic areas: workforce development, community outreach and fundraising.

Workforce Development: For these initiatives, the Foundation is developing a range of targeted programs, assuring alignment by working closely with local stakeholders such as school administration and staff as well as industry leaders. Coordinating events include the Workforce Development Summit, Tenders & Tea at TCAT and Industry Sector Roundtables, resulting in successful programming such as:

  • Partners in Education
  • Work Ethic Distinction credential  
  • Job Readiness Skills Workshop
  • 8th Grade Career Exploration Fair
  • Shelbyville-Bedford Job Fair

Community Outreach: The Foundation is actively engaged in creating teacher grants for the Bedford County schools, leading the way to improved funding and grant-writing opportunities. Another important project: River of Life, a partnership with first responders to improve safety and emergency response along the Duck River, thus helping the community to fully enjoy North America’s most biologically diverse river. The Foundation also supports Downtown redevelopment to enhance Shelbyville’s quality of place with a richer and more dynamic downtown experience.

Fundraising is ongoing for these initiatives, which are also highlighted at the annual Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership meeting. The Shelbyville-Bedford Foundation is committed to prosperity through partnership. By working together we are creating a stronger foundation for the future, Won’t you join us?

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