Business Retention and Expansion

In Shelbyville-Bedford, economic development means much more than wooing and welcoming new business and industry. In fact, our number one job is helping nurture growth for our existing businesses, to help them flourish here, day after day, year after year. We have staff dedicated to just that purpose. Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership is more than our name; it’s our promise of an ongoing process of:

Communication: In today’s fast-moving market, continuous communication is key. Keeping abreast of the needs and challenges that arise for your business helps us to deliver answers and solutions quickly. Your operation stays ahead because we stand behind you with strength and resources. That includes Partnership staff with a specialized expertise and focus on workforce issues and performance, assuring that one of your most important assets functions at peak levels, at all times.

Evaluation: In a pro-business, right-to-work state, Shelbyville-Bedford’s business climate is second to none. And maintaining “climate-controlled comfort” for our business and industry isn’t about preserving the status quo—it’s about monitoring and addressing an ever-changing environment so that our region offers peak competitive conditions at all times.

Innovation: Shelbyville-Bedford is uniquely qualified to help your operation identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities, with a Partnership board and a business community that provide access to a depth of experience and expertise unmatched even in the largest metros. And here, we are a community; we are your community, supporting your success both professionally and personally.

Man Working on Machine

Expansion: As your operation expands, the Partnership will deliver the same high level of services and care that supported your startup, including facilitation with:

  • Identifying and securing the most effective expansion location.
  • Connecting your operation with the right funding resources and incentives.
  • Accelerating any necessary licensing and permitting. 
  • Staffing up quickly to meet your needs, with Tennessee’s Fast Track Job Training funds available for qualified projects.

Promotion: Your success is our success. The Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership is always ready to work with your operation to tout achievements and boost your brand identity across multiple media platforms.


Partnership Board: 124 Years global industry experience 


In the U.S. for advanced industry job growth


Business Climate in the U.S. (Business Facilities, 2019)


Bond Rating by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch


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