New Alliance Promises Comprehensive Economic Support

July 17, 2023

Back row (left to right): Shane Hooper, Yolanda Flick. Front row (left to right): David Coffee, Elisabeth Thompson

New collaborative relationship between the Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership and the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce announced on Monday.

The Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership and the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce have joined in a collaborative relationship, a move approved by the boards of both organizations on Monday.

It has been a year of growth for Shelbyville and Bedford County, with milestones such as the announcement of Duksan Electera’s $95 million advanced manufacturing plant, promising to create approximately 100 jobs and significant economic impact. As the County continues to grow, developments like Duksan have precipitated both a moment of need and a moment of opportunity, according to Shane Hooper, President and CEO of the Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership.

“To nurture and amplify economic growth, we believe it’s time for a comprehensive approach to serving the needs of the Shelbyville-Bedford business community,” he said. “This new relationship is a natural step, given the close alignment in the missions of our two organizations. With exciting new synergies brought to bear, together we can open greater opportunity and assure a stronger future for Shelbyville-Bedford.”

Elisabeth Thompson, Board Chair of the Chamber, agreed, calling the collaboration “a positive step forward for the businesses and residents of Bedford County,” and noting, “The Chamber and the Partnership have several common goals, including supporting local businesses, building a strong economy, and improving our workforce. By working together, we are better positioned to achieve these goals for our community.”

Other decision-makers also weighed in, including David Coffey, Chairman of the Partnership, who called the new arrangement a “strategic win for Bedford County Economic growth. A team approach adds more coordination, and thus more effectiveness to the important economic and development efforts that are underway right now in Shelbyville and Bedford County.”  

Yolanda Flick, Chamber Director, also expressed gratitude toward members and sponsors. “It is because of their dedication and continued commitment that we are able to take this step forward, and we are confident that this merger will elevate the SBC Chamber of Commerce and the Shelbyville Bedford Partnership to new heights."

Hooper noted that the Partnership and the Chamber have already been able to identify key areas where close collaboration will have multiplier effects. “We’re excited about the future,” he said. “The promise is unlimited.”


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