Bedford County Schools

School Contact Email Address Phone Number Website
Bedford County Learning Academy Julie Elliott 931-685-4347
Bedford County Virtual School Meredith Gilliland 931-389-9389 ext. 3161  
Cascade Elementary School Renee Lawson 931-389-0031 ext. 3008
Cascade High School Sandy Sorrells 931-389-9394 ext. 3807
Cascade Middle School Susan Huff 931-389-9389 ext. 3151
Community Elementary School Jean Williams 931-685-1417 ext. 1120
Community High School Robert Ralston 931-685-1418 ext. 1212
Community Middle School Tony Garrette 931-685-1426 ext. 1155
Eakin Elementary School Kathy Reed 931-684-7852 ext. 3201
East Side Elementary School Maria Bobo 931-684-7112 ext. 3308
Harris Middle School Matt Russell 931-684-5195 ext. 1008
Learning Way Elementary School Christi Lux 931-684-1425 ext. 1408
Liberty School Melanie Casson 931-684-7809 ext. 3702
Shelbyville Central High School Traci Perryman 931-684-5672 ext. 1311
Southside Elementary School Dr. Stefanie Landis 931-684-7545 ext. 3501
Thomas Magnet School Tracy Watson 931-684-6818 ext. 3601


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