231 North Business Park: Acreage that goes the extra mile.

When publications like Area Development and Chief Executive Magazine rank Tennessee at the top of their “Best States for Doing Business” lists, they are standing on firm ground for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that Tennessee’s certified site selection process has been acknowledged as one of the best in the nation. 

That’s because while some locales classify “certified sites” as a function of completed paperwork and analysis, Tennessee’s rigorous quality standards have translated into the kind of lower risks and faster development that facilitates the swiftest ROI. And that in turn has convinced global leaders like Hankook Tire and Baretta USA to locate their operations on Tennessee certified sites.

Working in collaboration with Austin Consulting, a globally respected site selector, the state of Tennessee sets standards in size (20 acres) and in documented environmental conditions and geotechnical analysis; boundary survey and topographic maps must also be completed. Beyond that, utilities must be present onsite, or a formal extension plan must be in place. Most importantly, risk factors for development of the site must be minimized. Tennessee certified sites are shovel ready and ready to roll. 

  • Another proof of effectiveness: Tennessee has won Area Development’s Golden Shovel award 5 times since 2009 for development projects resulting in a significant number of high-value new jobs.

231 North Business Park: Strategic location and support.

Start with superb market proximity and connections: The Park offers direct access to Highway 231 in a location less than a mile from the Shelbyville Municipal Airport, just 17 miles from I-24, and 60 miles from the Nashville International Airport and the Port of Nashville. Add the 96-acre size, along with the ample capacity of a ready-to-work utilities infrastructure, making the site a powerful choice for a variety of light industrial operations. 

Highway and Airport

Finally, consider one of the most critical features of 231 North Business Park: The support system of labor force and community resources ready to power productivity and profitability. Tennessee Certified Sites are an assurance not just of site preparation but also of community preparedness, and in addition to the Business Park’s 96 shovel-ready acres, Shelbyville-Bedford supports your success with a readiness to go the extra mile as a true partner in creating and sustaining shared prosperity.


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