Utilities: High-capacity support in generation and service.

How Shelbyville-Bedford keeps your facilities running strong: With regional power generation that energizes economic development partnered with local utility providers that come through every day with dependable low-cost service.

TVA: A powerful ally in operational economy and regional prosperity.

In the first quarter of 2021, business news out of Tennessee was nothing short of spectacular: First, the announcement of a $2.3 billion investment by GM and LG Chem in a new battery plant to support electric vehicle production in the southern Middle Tennessee region. In other news, Tennessee’s new business filings in Q1 2021 skyrocketed 55% over the previous year, the highest year-over-year increase in the last 28 years of tracking.

Experts  credit the Tennessee Valley Authority as a crucial factor in the state’s record growth. As a power generator for the region, TVA boosts industrial expansion by providing electricity rates ranking in the nation’s lowest 10%. As an economic development partner, TVA serves as a genuine powerhouse resource, offering incentives, research, technical services and more, both for new businesses and operations seeking to expand.

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Life-changing, life-enhancing.

TVA has also energized the region with life-enhancing recreation. Hydroelectric projects undertaken in the 1940s brought life-changing electricity to unserved Tennessee communities; they also required the construction of dams and lakes, which resulted in the creation of inviting recreational areas like Normandy Lake right here in the Shelbyville-Bedford area.  

  • Local electrical service: Co-op reliability and low costs. Shelbyville’s industrial sites are served by the Duck River Electric Membership Cooperative (DREMC), the fourth largest cooperative in Tennessee, committed to providing safe, reliable electricity at the lowest possible costs. 
  • Natural gas: Responding to local needs. The Bedford Utility System began construction of the county gas system in 2000, and today serves large commercial customers as well as area residents.
  • Water: Amply sourced. Supplying water plentifully sourced through the Duck River, the Shelbyville Water System offers a total capacity of 7.5 million gallons per day.
  • Broadband: Because telecommunication needs evolve quickly, United Communications moves fast.  Based in Middle Tennessee and dedicated to Middle Tennessee, United offers both the speed and focus that make it a key asset for Shelbyville-Bedford business and industry. Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Franklin, United has worked strategically to consolidate leading-edge services for the area, providing a full range of connections and solutions and delivering superb quality through local staff. 


TVA: #1 Utility for economic development for the past 15 years
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